An Automated Trading Solution

CLEARBOXTM Trading provides a turn-key, fully developed and customizable automated trading template which allows traders to create a portfolio of personalized PlayBook Strategy tactics, that can be executed as a “hands free” automated strategy or as an auto assist piloted trading tool. The templates offers a “plug and play”automated trading solution that is unified across all markets and has been developed into select strategic partner platforms.

Trading Platforms

NinjaTrader NT7

A PlayBook Assistant has been developed and is currently available in a beta release in NT7. The application allows traders to build strategy templates that mirror the PlayBook FADE, BREAKOUT and REVERSAL tactics. The templates are fully transparent and customizable offering a “plug and play” automated trading solution.

Trading Technologies ADL

An auto assist and a fully automated trading solution has been created in Trading Technologies Algo Desgin Lab (ADL) which currently works on TT’s XTrader platform. The auto-assist, OTA (Order Ticket Algo) position manages a discretionary order  and the fully automated provides a customizable PlayBook strategy template that allows traders to create a portfolio of  strategies which can be run independently or concurrently.