JSServces strives to add value to our offering by creating relationships with important vendors that provide our clients with the best integrated solutions to enhance their trading. These strategic affiliates further our goal to create a strong ecosystem which supports a systematic approach to trading.

Trading Platforms

Trading Technologies

Since 1994, Trading Technology has spearheaded technologies that enable electronic trading. As JSServices professional clients migrated off the trading floor TT was one of their top choices and was known as a tool that allowed traders to  maintain their edge by delivering speed, reliability and customization.


CQG provides high-performance trade routing, global market data, and advanced technical analysis tools for professional traders worldwide.   JSServices has been a client for over 20 years using CQG as one of its sources for futures, options, fixed income, foreign exchange, and equities data.


Bookmap is the originator of historical order book display. Traders have something that previously was only available to elite HFT professionals, insight to the markets micro structure. The Heat Map affords the ability to process a “firehose” of data and literally see real time “events”, enhancing the effectiveness of trading tactics.

Jigsaw Trading

Jigsaw Trading’s award winning software provides a comprehensive historical order book display with their Vista Heat Map and DOM. The value offering makes technology that was once in reach to only the elite HFT professionals not only available to everyone but supported with educational and training as well.

Sierra Chart

Sierra Charts is the most comprehensive and affordable charting software we have found. The firm has one of the top customer and integration partner support desks in the business providing traders with real backup. This platform is a real trading tool that is worth taking the time to explores its extensive features.


NinjaTrader’s® award winning platform is one of the originators that brought an affordable electronic and automated trading solution to the self directed trader. The integration is clean and easy to use as either a trading or charting platform. Ninja also provides a seamless data connection with their Kinetick data feed.

Algorithmic Trading

Algo Design Lab – ADL

Trading Technologies Algo Design Lab (ADL)

ADL provides a unique drag and drop “whiteboard” interface that allows non developers to create robust algorithmic solutions. JSAnalytics integrate into this environment as user defined variables which have been used as a template to create both auto assist and 100% automated “plug and play” automated trading solutions.

PlayBook Assistant NT7

NinjaTrader 7.0 Automated Strategy

JSServices offers a “PlayBook Assistant” that allows traders to create a “plug and play” automated trading solution. The application provides a template that traders use to create automated strategies that mimic the PlayBook Strategy tactics but whose parameters can be customized to support a trader’s unique style and risk tolerance.

Data Providers



Kinetick® delivers reliable, fast and cost-effective market data and is a great compliment to traders using the Ninja Trader platform. The company provides real time and historical market data for stocks, futures and forex markets.


AMP Futures

AMP  is an FCM that supports most all JSServices trading platform integrations and offers high volume tiered pricing. The company is a leader in competitive pricing but does not discount the support it provides its clients. JSServices is a contributor to AMP’s trader forum with a focus on topics which improve market state awareness.