JSAnalytics incorporate both technical and behavioral variables, that have been developed from observations over the past 30 years, into a quantitative model, to numerically define a markets technical profile. JSAnalytics, more than anything else, are an awareness tool that provides clarity to what the current conditions are, so trading methods can be optimized by aligning tactics with these facts. It is important to stress that in contrast to a subjective forecast the basis of JSAnalytics is to present an objective fact based truth, to improve awareness and the ability to trade more intuitively.

JSAnalytics serve as the basis to standardize trade plans and provide a structured approach to trading.

The MarketColor Analytics identify the current market state and its unique characteristics. These characteristics provide insight to how the price action should behave within a session so tactics can be aligned to optimize performance.

The PriceMap Analytics define predictive price levels that identify the points of dynamic equilibrium where shifts in market state occur. This allows opportunities to be anticipated where liquidity is the highest and the best risk defined strategies can be executed.

The PlayBook Analytics identify the themes and particular strategies applicable within the dynamics of a market state and structure. These themes and strategies improve awareness of how to align trading tactics and create a sustainable trade plan.