JSAnalysis is a consulting service that helps our clients gain consistency and a structured approach to their trading. Leveraging over 30 years of experience we offer a unique process that guides our clients through a multi-phased analysis that will standardize, normalize and optimize their trade methods. The goal of our analysis is to leave our clients with a sustainable trade plan, a consistent trade strategy, and effective trade tactics that are unified across all markets and conditions.

JSAnalysis guide our clients to attain more effective trading methods with the use of our analytics and applications.

The TradePlan Analysis aligns personality traits with compatible market conditions to create a sustainable trade plan that is grounded in core strengths. JSAnalytics are applied to standardize the plan into in a structured approach to trading.

The TradeStrategy Analysis takes a standardized trade plan and makes it more consistent by normalizing it with JSApplications. This is done by integrating JSAnalytics into daily work-flow which provides a uniform approach to the execution of a trade program.

The TradeTactics Analysis process enhances the performance of trading methods by improving their effectiveness. This is done by optimizing execution within specific defined metric parameters and incorporating real time order book events into the process.

The TraderPath Analysis is a one-on-one development program that guides traders in creating a structured approach to trading. Traders that complete the program have a more effective, consistent, sustainable approach to trading that is unified across all markets and state conditions.