New JSDesktop Application Release

Nov 1 2017

JSServices is pleased to announce Stockholm Release 3904 for JSDesktop Version 1.0.4 with many new and exciting features including:

  • New Customizable MarketColor Grids – The JSDesktop now offers different sized market symbol grid plans that range from specific single markets to sectors and complete full grid strategy focus plans.
  • New Trader Reports – The Desktop produces Excel file market summary reports in different number formats
  • New CSV File Format – The Desktop now produces CSV file formats in addition to XLS, XML and JSON
  • New MSB tag reference number – A numeric value that defines the market STATE and R LEVEL position or MSB (Market Structure Bias) is presented on the Desktop STATE tab. The MSB value is also included in the in the data utility output files to assist in standardizing automated trading systems to specific conditions.
  • New and updated market STRUCTURE commentary focused on the Sentiment Bias skew
  • New Market Metrics section included in the STRUCTURE tab, Trader Reports and integration files.
  • New PlayBook STRATEGY commentary and format.
  • New Options Analysis as a 2nd view in the PlayBook STRATEGY tab.
  • New and updated HELP tutorials with enhanced messaging

Anyone who is currently using the Desktop application should revisit the HELP tutorials and learn about the new features to see the difference and clarity you will have in your trading using this significantly enhanced comprehensive trading tool.

Please contact us directly at if you would like a consultation on how the JSDesktop can assist you in normalizing your trading into a more structured trading approach.