Welcome to Getting Started with JSServices

Please follow the step-by-step instruction and supporting videos below to get started using our solutions. If you run into any issues during your setup, please email us at: info@jsservices.com to ask question or request personalized help with your setup.

Core Configuration

This core configuration section walks through everything needed to setup the JSDesktop application and integrate it into your trading workflow. Make sure to go through the study materials, available 3rd party integrations and consulting services to get the most out of our services.

STEP 1.  Request a Trial

To start your free trial of the JSDesktop application click on the link below for instructions on how to submit a Service Trial Request and receive your temporary login credentials.

STEP 2.  Application Installation

Click on the link below or view the video to the right for instructions on downloading and installing the JSDesktop application software.

STEP 3.  Application Configuration

Click on the link below for instruction on how to login and configure the JSDesktop preferences for refreshing the JSData files each day.

STEP 4.  Acquire Knowledge

For a complete guide to the Desktop and analytics click on the Study Materials link below. The Optimizing Trade Tactics video to the right can be viewed as a quick start guide but is best wached after going over the study materials. When you have completed your study please Request a Consultation to discuss the best way to incorporate JSServices into your unique style of trading.

Optional Configuration

JSServices offers numerous turnkey integrations with many popular trading platforms. This optional configuration section presents the available system integrations that can be added to the core configuration.

Turnkey Third-Party Integrations

To learn how to integrate a specific  trading platform with JSServices click on the appropriate link below to view the step-by-step instructions:

Consulting Services

JSServices provides guidance to traders that are looking to create a sustainable trading program. As a first step traders should read the article on Peak performance and then review the development program in the Analysis section of the website.  Please contact us to request a consultation to identify the approach that is best for you.

Create a Structured Approach

JSAnalysis guides traders in developing a structured approach to trading by aligning trading methods with JSAnalytics, as highlighted in the video to the right. The best place to start is to follow the steps below beginning with Peak Performance article and taking the Personality Profile assessment at the end. Next review the Analysis Development Process Overview link and then Request a Consultation to discuss a program that fits your needs.