This page goes over the step-by-step instructions on how to request a temporary ID to start the trial of the JSDesktop application. Remember this is the beginning of improving your market state awareness. It is not a new tactic to add to your method, it is a fact foundation to support it.

STEP 1.   Submit Request Form

If you have not done so already please click HERE to submit a trial request form. If you have already done so there is no need to do it again. Go to STEP 2.

 STEP 2.   Receive Temporary Login

After you request a trial you should receive an Welcome E-mail Response like the one below within 24-hours that includes your temporary login. Please be sure to monitor your junk mail and clutter folders during this time period.

  • If you do not receive an E-mail response, please contact to inform us that you did not receive your temporary login credentials.

Welcome E-mail Response Example 


The Welcome E-mail contains the following information:

A. Download Link – Use the link to download the software.

B. Temporary Login – Enter the Username and Password credentials at the login prompt.

C. Getting Started tutorials – Review Getting Started and Analytics sections on the website.

 STEP 3.   Schedule a Demonstration

If you prefer to have a member of our staff walk you thought the installation and show you how our applications and analytics work together to implement a structured approach to trading, just submit a meeting request to schedule our white glove treatment.

Next Step – Application Installation

Click on the link for steps on how to download and install the software.