This page provides the steps needed to take to acquire the knowledge to get the most out of the application and analytics.

Know the Application Features

The JSDesktop is a trading tool that integrates JSAnalytics into your workflow. To get the most out of the application take the time to familiarize yourself with its features and functions. Start with viewing the JSDesktop Overview video which provides a comprehensive review of the application. Below are some links that support the content presented in the Desktop Overview video.

Know the Analytics

JSAnalytics provides traders with objective facts that offer a resource to see through the emotion and biases to focus on what “is” the current truth. As you go through the study materials know that you are building your awareness to the “picture” of that truth, which will allow you to see things more clearly and make more intuitive decisions in real time.  The MarketColor section is the base coat of the “canvas” as it identifies the market state condition. The PriceMap outlines the price “frame” that defines the structure of the state. The PlayBook is the “story” and strategy themes that are inherent in the dynamics that make up the state and structure bias. Once this knowledge foundation is acquired it can be used to enhance and optimize your trading tactics.

Self study is a good start but to really get the most out of our service, enrolling in our Analysis services where we guide your through the process is the best approach. Request a consultation  for direction to your unique path to peak performance.

The MarketColor analytics are the starting point as it identifies the foundation market STATE . Take the following steps to begin your study.

The PriceMap analytics identifies where trading opportunities can be anticipated. Take the following steps to learn the terms and qualifiers.

The PlayBook analytics provide an objective IF/THEN Strategy solution. Take the following steps to learn more about PlayBook strategy themes.

Enhance Your Trading

The Optimizing Trade Tactics video provides a complete overview of all JSAnalytics and demonstrates, with practical application examples, how they can be used to enhance your trading.

Create a Structured Approach

Developing a sustainable trading program starts with creating a TradePlan built on core strengths that is aligned with complimentary market state conditions. Take these steps to find your path.

Enroll in our trader development Analysis programs to take your trading to the next level.