JSApplications are a comprehensive suite of custom applications used to deliver our analytics in various formats to fit the needs of our clients. From individual traders who are looking for a desktop tool to guide them through the daily trading sessions to larger clients looking to integrate our analytics into their in-house or automated trading systems we have the software solution that can fit into any scenario. We also offer a number of out-of-the-box vendor integrations that overlay our analytic indicators directly within popular trading applications.

JSApplications are used to normalize trade strategies and make them consistent across all markets and state conditions.

The JSDesktop is a comprehensive trading tool that reveals the current market state, structure, and strategy using our proprietary MarketColor, PriceMap, and the Playbook analytics. Professional traders using the JSDesktop will acquire a structured approach to trading by applying our analytics in a consistent way across all market and state conditions.

The JSGet is a command line data utility used for system integration. JSGet can be setup to automatically download JSAnalytics data and save it in several universal formats which can be used as input to third party information and execution systems.

The JSSheet is a native MS Office 2010 and above Excel Add-in that creates and updates dashboard style Excel spreadsheets with JS analytics data for research and linking purposes. The linking functionality allows third party tools to be used with JSAnalytic data to enhance research capabilities.

The JSIntegration is a set of various out-of-the-box integrations with some of the most popular third party trading applications. These integrations present the JSAnalytics as overlays directly within these applications to easily determine the state, structure, and strategy  in the market being traded.