Full Service Broker

Brokers need an objective analytical tool that can quickly provide insight and identify opportunity to gain a competitive edge. JSServices provides fact based Analytics, in a Desktop application, that delivers clearly defined opportunities, along with the structure to outline their value and risks. Brokers and their agents have a resource to attract, retain and energize new and existing clients, resulting increased transactions with improved risk management.

Solution Scenarios

  • Trade Idea Generation – Quickly identify themed opportunities “at a glance”.
  • Risk Parameter Overlay – Optimize client strategies with market structure.
  • Hedge Strategy Overlay – Reduce risk of client positions with defined Hedge Strategies.
  • Strategy Development – Create new discretionary or automated trade programs.

Trade Idea Generation Example

The problem with opinions is that everybody has one. For trade ideas to have any value they must be objective and quantifiable. JSServices provides a modifiable trade idea generation application, that delivers clear risk defined strategies that can be measured against market facts and systematized into a unified approach that is adaptable to specific client interest, account structures and risk profiles. This example outlines how to use our JSDesktop application to generate trade ideas and client opportunities.

  • STEP 1.

    Identify distinctive market states. The JSDesktop is an objective filtering tool that allows you to quickly identify distinctive market states that align with your clients interests. Integrating the application into your work flow will increase productivity, by leveraging over 30 years of market analytic experience at your fingertips. Learn More.

  • STEP 2.

    Know the facts. Each market state has a unique set of characteristics that defines it. Knowing these facts, improves your ability to support clients interest as well as well as the ability to offer objective analysis, identifying opportunity “at a glance”. Learn More.

  • STEP 3.

    Create a systematic approach. Standardizing trade execution with the JSPriceMap provides a method that is unified across all markets. The analytics define the structure of the market state which is used to systematize the execution of a client’s request within each unique state. Learn More.

  • STEP 4.

    Improve performance. Incorporate Risk Parameters into trade entry techniques to make execution more consistent. The Risk Parameters identify the optimal entry level and the surrounding acceptance zone in which an opportunity remains valid. Learn More.