Discretionary Trader

Discretionary traders need good facts to enhance their market state awareness, elevate confidence and improve their intuitive decision making. JSServices Analytics provide these facts with quantitative analytics that objectively define the market’s technical state, its supporting price structure and inherent strategy themes. This fact foundation offers a real time “gut-check” against subjective opinions and is the basis for creating a more systematic approch trading approach.

Solution Scenarios

  • Trade Idea Generation – Find new opportunities that align with trading tactics.
  • Sustainable Trade Plan – Improve consistency by aligning trading methods with core strengths.
  • Market Awareness –Improve awareness by knowing the context of the current state.
  • Systematic Approach – Reduce emotions by standardizing trade tactics with market structure.
  • Execution Overlay – Optimize trade execution with a risk parameter metrics.
  • Strategy Development – Create new trade programs or automated solutions.

Market Awareness Example

JSServices Analytics improve a traders market awareness by identifying the characteristics and structure that define the current market state. When real-time events are viewed through this context, awareness is improved along with the ability to anticipate trading opportunities. This example shows how Discretionary Traders use our Analytics and Applications to gain a competitive edge.

  • STEP 1.

    Know your core strengths. The capacity of a trader to intuitively trade “in the zone” is a function of their market awareness and ability to maintain a mental state of total focus in the present moment, which is enhanced through self-identification. Learn More.

  • STEP 2.

    Examine the market “truths”. Identify the facts that define the context of the market state to improve your awareness of it’s unique characteristics, enhancing the ability to intuitively anticipate price behavior that is in alignment with this expectation. Learn More.

  • STEP 3.

    Observe price action. When price action is monitored within market structure, in the context of the market state, awareness to the value of an opportunity is improved, which can be standardized to make trading tactics more sustainable. Learn More.

  • STEP 4.

    Recognize Strategy Themes.  The PlayBook Strategy Guide identifies the specific Strategy Themes that are inherent within the market state and structure dynamics, which provides an IF/THEN template to anticipate opportunity and standardize tactics. Learn More.