Automated Trader

Automated traders need context and structure to validate trade signals. JSAnalytics uses proprietary quantitative methods to classifying a market’s state, offering context to the unique characteristics that define each of the 26 signature states. Every state has 9 structure skews which outline the price framework that defines it. This framework or market structure includes risk reward parameters which can be used to optimize an existing automated trading system or provide the foundation to create one.

Solution Scenarios

  • Strategy Overlay – Improve performance by aligning trading systems with complimentary states.
  • Execution Overlay– Optimize entry and exit by standardizing signals with market structure.
  • Size Management Overlay– Validate trade signal value within the context of strategy themes.
  • Trade System Development – Create custom algorithmic and algo-assist solutions.

How JSServices Optimizes Automated Trading

  • Blackbox

    Gain control. Leased closed systems need objective structure to provide more control for improved size, risk and position management. By identifying where within the structure of the market the trading system is generating a signal, the value of the opportunity can be classified and position sizing standardized to this fact.

  • Greybox

    Optimize performance. Transparent and modifiable Algos provide hands on control to leverage technology and create dynamic trade programs. These systems can be enhanced by incorporating market structure to improve size management and risk parameters to optimize trade execution.

  • Whitebox

    Create a template. Self-built whitebox algos need an objective foundation for signal acceptance as well as structure to improve trade execution. JSAnalytics define a market”s structure bias, which can be used as a template for signal acceptance and trade execution.

  • Clearbox

    “Plug and Play” Solution. CLEARBOX trading systems are transparent automated trading strategies. A “plug and play” automated trading solution that mimics JSServices PlayBook Strategies whose parameters can be customized to fit your style and method.