You Are Your Edge

The trading landscape is dominated by massive funds at one end who trade once a day against the VWAP and quantitative traders at the other who define their strategies in milliseconds. Technical traders struggle, getting chopped up by the algos and run over by the funds.

Identifying the structure of this landscape is what JSServices analytics do, providing technical traders with the knowledge base they need to get the EDGE, which is their ability to make intuitive decisions.

A true professional is an artist. The art of trading is expressed in intuitive decision making. Intuitive function comes from self-trust. Self-trust is created from a knowledge base of “truths”, facts that provide the awareness to the reality of what “is”. When real-time events are processed within this context, without being filtered with a subjective bias or emotion, it is the difference between great trading and marginal trading at best.

To attain this level of performance one must compile a comprehensive knowledge base of facts, yet remain unbiased. Remaining objective in this process is a challenge itself not to mention the time and skill set needed to process the data. A solution is a partnership with an objective experienced fact source.

The solution is JSServices.